Thursday, August 20, 2015

Unbreak-a-Bull Rescue is in serious need of dogfood and flea/heartworm prevention..

If you can help out at all, you can donate via phone by calling our local feedstore @ 9795962224


We have PayPal at

Please share for help..

*we also have a bunch of long time, but very adoptable dogs if you are looking to add to your family*

Friday, July 10, 2015

Unbreakabull is in DIRE need of help!!!

We have made an EPIC goof you guys!!!! We only received 3 donations for the entire month of June! We quickly realized that we misspelled our paypal address! We are now in dire need of your help! We are needing food, flea and heartworm prevention, fans, toys, all the good stuff that makes it easier on a rescue dog waiting on their forever home!
If you are able to help out we have paypal at OR you can cal, our local feedtsore and apply any amount towards our food account 979-596-2224

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

We are desperate for your help!

We are desperate for help guys!  We have always run solely off of donations and now we are barley getting by!  We need help if we are going to continue in rescue, and even if we choose not to continue, we still have 20+ dogs in our care that need our help..  we did not take in all these dogs on a whim and hope that we would figure it out as we went along, we were promised monthly support for each dog we have taken in and now we can only assume that everyone forgets about them as soon as they are no longer considered an "urgent dog" I feed/water/clean up after these dogs everyday alone, i do not mind, i do not complain, but it is very difficult and stressful to beg everyday for help..  

We need dogfood, flea prevention, heartworm prevention, tarps, hay and extension cords!  

We have an account at Somerville Farm and Ranch and any amount can be applied to our food account by calling 979-596-2224

We have paypal at

We have a PO box for mailing: UABR P.O. Box 136 Snook, TX 77878

We have many other ways to help out listed on our site (amazon wishlists etc)