Monday, October 6, 2014

Share, Like, Donate, Support, Foster, Adopt! They all help save lives!

We have numerous ways to donate and help our cause, we do as much as we can, but we are getting stretched very thin again..  It is a day to day responsibility we have and it is hard with no help..  If you are able, please check out our tab on how to donate or sponsor an unbreakabull @

We also have 2 upcoming events and we would love to see you!  We will be at Ludy's Country Store by Lake Somerville on October 18th for our 3 year anniversary in rescue party/event!  

We will also be at the  Pit Bull Pride Festival on October 25th in Dallas!

We have new and super cute shirts for sale, along with our older shirts (which are still my favorite)

Share, Like, Donate, Support, Foster, Adopt!  They all help save lives!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Unbreak-a-Bull needs your Help!

We are in desperate need of dogfood! We feed the blue bags of Victor dogfood and we feed 1, 40lb bag everyday, we have 27 adoptable dogs here and a few non adoptables that would very much appreciate your help.. the easiest way to donate is by phone to our feedstore: Somerville Farm and Ranch @9795962224 and we have numerous other ways to support our cause listed on our website at Please Share for help, we were promised monthly support/sponsors for every dog we have taken in, and now we are struggling day to day to feed them.. Please share for help!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What does it take to rescue 1 dog?

People are always asking why we cant help this dog or that dog, or why we wont do anything or cant offer advice etc..  If we can help, we will..  If we have advice to give, we will give it..  If we know of any rescue not overflowing and closed for intake, we will refer you to them..  When we are screamed at and bashed for not helping, it only makes me feel horrible..  We have to be responsible in rescue, otherwise are we really in rescue if not thinking of the dogs and our limits?? As of today, I alone, feed and water and clean up after all of our dogs. Everyday, by myself..  I dont get angry, I do it because its my responsibility to take care of every dog we have..

For any rescues we bring in, they all need numerous things done, before even coming here to us..

Spay/Neuter - $65-$100
Microchip - $20
Fecal Exam - $15
Rabies - $12.50
Heartworm Test - $20

These are the basics if the animal is healthy. antibiotics, heartworm meds, etc are always needed too

We feed roughly between 55-65 pounds of dogfood each day..  thats around 1800 pounds of dogfood a month..  

One bag of food costs 27.99 and is 40lbs worth of food..  

We try and keep everyone flea prevention also, 16.50+ each month

We feed, water, and clean up after 35-40 dogs everyday, they all also require all of our extra time and money..

We buy bones and chewies when we can but its very seldom..

One dog house is $77 at our feedstore..

One 5 gallon water bowl is $10

Each dog/kennel has a house, multiple pallets, plywood, and tarps for weather conditions..

We use cattle panels for fencing here, and they are 16'x4' and they are 24.99 a piece at our feedstore, and for each panel we need 3 t-posts..  Tposts are not cheap..

We try and use chain length kennels when we can and those run around 299.99 at Tractor Supply, but each kennel then needs a tin roof, which is also not cheap..  

I dont think very many people realize how much it takes to run a rescue, its very expenmsive and very time consuming..  If we take in 1 dog with issues, it throws off the entire pack..  

When people ask why I cant help this dog or why we cant do something for these others over there etc, i try to be patient, but really..  Somedays i almost want to scream..  

We have numerous ways set up to donate to our cause also:

Somerville Farm and Ranch - (979) 596-2224
Youcaring Fundraiser:

We have a PO Box set up also for mail:
P.O. Box 136
Snook, TX 77878