Thursday, November 20, 2014

PAMPERED CHEF and SCENTSY Fundraiser to help the bullies!!!

Unbreakabull will receive a portion of each order, please share and shop if you can!

Pampered Chef Fundraiser ~

Scentsy Fundraiser ~ Follow the link, shop away, and pick "Unbreak-a-Bull" when you check out!!

This is the direct link for it

Monday, November 3, 2014

Please Help UABR!

Hey guys! Its November already! We are in serious need of monthly supporters! We have so many ways to help and donate, and numerous other ways to just show your support! 

We have a Wishlist on Amazon:

We have a youcaring set up for our monthly food needs:

We have a seperate youcaring set up for our newest boy Sammie:

We have an account at our local feedstore for dogfood and kennel supplies, you can call and donate any amount towards our account by calling Round Top & Somerville Farm and Ranch at 979-596-2224

We have paypal @

When you order from Acadia Antlers if you put UNBREAKABULL in the notes section, we will receive 25% of the order!

We feed 1, 40lb bag of Victor dogfood everyday, we need flea and heartworm prevention for 31 dogs! We are getting colder temps again also, and we have a few people in different areas collecting blankets, rugs, sheets, pillows etc for warm bedding for the pups this winter! If you are interested in donating, feel free to message us and we can help to figure it out!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Share, Like, Donate, Support, Foster, Adopt! They all help save lives!

We have numerous ways to donate and help our cause, we do as much as we can, but we are getting stretched very thin again..  It is a day to day responsibility we have and it is hard with no help..  If you are able, please check out our tab on how to donate or sponsor an unbreakabull @

We also have 2 upcoming events and we would love to see you!  We will be at Ludy's Country Store by Lake Somerville on October 18th for our 3 year anniversary in rescue party/event!  

We will also be at the  Pit Bull Pride Festival on October 25th in Dallas!

We have new and super cute shirts for sale, along with our older shirts (which are still my favorite)

Share, Like, Donate, Support, Foster, Adopt!  They all help save lives!