Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Winter Wishes for Unbreakabull Rescue dogs!!!

This handsome dude and his awesome parents (pictured below this post) sent the unbreakabulls a gift!! He knows how nice heat lamps are in this winter weather!!

We have many ways to help out if you are interested!!

Unbreak-a-Bull Winter Wish List 

PayPal - unbreakabullrescue@gmail.com

Donate to our feedstore by calling 979-596-2224

Donate to our vet by calling 979-277-0400

Please share for help!! The Unbreakabulls would very much appreciate the help!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Updated Info/Wishlists etc!

I have been slacking in our social media dept lately and had gotten a few messages about our wishlist etc, it is now updated and working! 
smile emoticon
We are also now able to have donations made towards our account at our vet, Animal Friends of Washington County by calling 979-277-0400 (mention Unbreakabull)

We have paypal at unbreakabullrescue@gmail.com

Updated Amazon Wishlist is here - https://amzn.com/w/8IU16O0XQDQ1

and we have lots of adoptabulls that would love a home for the holidays, so please share our page! Sophie is our special project for now, and we are determined to find her a home to love her for the rest of her days 
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we have 2 foster kitties now that will be adoptable soon

Wednesday, November 11, 2015


Brenham, TX! this girl was found on the side of the road today and taken to Animal Friends of Washington Countyfor help, We have NO room and NO funds but I am picking her up today because otherwise she was headed to the pound..

Please help and share if you are able

We have paypal at unbreakabullrescue@gmail.com

You can call 979-596-2224 to donate to our feedstore for dogfood

Please Share for this girl! She needs our help and I had to make a choice on the phone, so i am hoping i made the right one in telling them to leave her there instead of taking her to the pound